By - mazh

How to install IGEL 11.04.100 in VMware Workstation 15.5

I am going to cover really quick the steps to install IGEL OS 11 11.04.100 into VMware Workstation v15.5. First you have to grab an IGEL OS 11 ISO which comes with IGEL OSC you can find here: Obviously, you need to unpack the zip and you’ll find the “osc11.04.100.iso” file in preparestick folder: Next you need to fire

By - Markus Zehnle

Automatically clear the Imprivata data partition on IGEL ThinClient from a windows computer

Currently I stumbled upon a request to clear the Imprivata data partition on hundreds of IGEL ThinClients. Normally you fire up Igel Universal Management Suite (UMS) and create a new profile with the following setting enabled: After applying this policy you have the choice to apply it now or on next reboot. If you select now the user gets a

By - Markus Zehnle

IGEL ThinClient (UD2/UD3) reboots after monitor standby or monitor cable (HDMI/DisplayPort/VDI) is unplugged (Imprivata)

At a customer site I stumbled upon a strange issue with the IGEL ThinClients, whether UD2 or UD3. As soon as the monitor goes into standby or the monitor cable was pulled the ThinClient performs a reboot. Unfortunately it’s not a graceful reboot it’s kind of a reset. (more later) The affected devices were all running Imprivata pieagent which lead

By - Markus Zehnle

Secure Ubiquiti UniFi Controller / CloudKey with an Let’s Encrypt certificate – The Cloudflare way

There are tons of tutorial’s out there if you’re searching for “unifi controller let’s encrypt” but none of the ones I found are suiting my needs. My Ubnt controller runs on my raspberry pi 3 and Cloudflare is in charge of handling my DNS entries.

By - Markus Zehnle

Install Trend Micro Deep Security Agent with Citrix Provisioning services

Today I want to write a short blog to show, how to install Trend Micro Deep Security agent on Citrix PVS target devices the proper way. First make sure that you already set up a policy in Deep Security Manager (DSM) with the latest AV exclusions recommended by Citrix: The configuration is pretty straight forward. You just have to install the

By - Markus Zehnle

WEM 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade pitfalls

Today I struggled a little with the update from WEM 4.1 to 4.2. Normally the update process is pretty straight forward, as you can read here in Citrix edocs. Upgrade your Broker(s) by running “Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services v4.02.00.00 Setup.exe” with no changes to the installer. Upgrade the database Start “Database Management”, click “Upgrade database”, insert your appropriate settings and hit

By - Markus Zehnle

How to get the Citrix App Layering appliance on-prem

Hey guys, I just wanted to wrote a short note how you could get and setup the binaries for the one and only Citrix App Layering software. There’s some confusion out there, that you have to use a cloud connector in your environment to use Citrix App Layering or that there is no on-premises flavoured appliance. If you don’t want to