By - Markus Zehnle

IGEL ThinClient (UD2/UD3) reboots after monitor standby or monitor cable (HDMI/DisplayPort/VDI) is unplugged (Imprivata)

At a customer site I stumbled upon a strange issue with the IGEL ThinClients, whether UD2 or UD3.
As soon as the monitor goes into standby or the monitor cable was pulled the ThinClient performs a reboot.
Unfortunately it’s not a graceful reboot it’s kind of a reset. (more later)

The affected devices were all running Imprivata pieagent which lead me into this direction.
After having a chat with the amazing Victor Pineiro from Imprivata support he mentioned that there is a key for Imprivata.conf which controls this behavior.

So the easy part is to add the following key to the “[]” stanza on every IGEL and you are good:

The harder part was to find a way to bring this little key into Imprivata.conf file for all existing IGELs with an active Imprivata setup.
Luckily the customer is using IGEL ThinClients and I have an “Imprivata”-Profile within the awesome IGEL UMS (Universal Management Suite) which I can ‘abuse’ for my plans.

So I kicked off some searches on how to check on linux if the key is already set and if not how can I shoot it into the right stanza.
I came up with the following oneliner which is working like a charm:

To fire this command to all devices I created within my Imprivata UMS profile an “Before Desktop Start” custom command at “System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Desktop”
UMS Before Desktop Start

Caveat 1:
I just had the chance to check with Imprivata pieagent 6.0 HF5 ( and 6.3 ( but as far as I remember Victor mentioned all pieagents above 6.0 are affected.
Caveat 2:
After the reboot/reset due to an monitor event the custom command is not executed because its not a graceful reboot. So please reboot the machines (eg thru UMS).
Caveat 3:
Sorry to all regexp pro’s in advance.

Last but not least all kudos are going to Victor! 🙂

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Chris Forsey 24-04-2020 at 14:00

Ran into to this today, thanks for writing it up


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