By - Markus Zehnle

Automatically clear the Imprivata data partition on IGEL ThinClient from a windows computer

Currently I stumbled upon a request to clear the Imprivata data partition on hundreds of IGEL ThinClients.
Normally you fire up Igel Universal Management Suite (UMS) and create a new profile with the following setting enabled:
UMS Imprivata clear data partition

After applying this policy you have the choice to apply it now or on next reboot. If you select now the user gets a prompt and if he clicks “No” you screwed 😉
If you select on next reboot then you have to hope that the user is rebooting the device (shutdown != reboot)
What I also saw is after the partition is cleared the device reboots sometimes itself and sometimes not so you had to manually check if the device was rebooted *bummer*…


So due to the fact that I have no good feelings about the process mentioned above and that I haven’t had the chance to fire the command on all machines at the same time with the policy because users where working, I had to do it “manually” on preselected devices outside the office hours.
During a chat with Victor Pineiro from Imprivata support he gave me an command which removes the data partition and mentioned that plink.exe gives you the powers to run commands remote on a linux device. (Awesome guy!)


Based on that I knitted together the following PowerShell script which runs plink.exe against a list of IGEL ThinClients (igels.txt), fireing commands (commands.txt) which clearing the Imprivata data partition and rebooting the ThinClients.

Here’s the magic piece:



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